The Most Important Prayer

Mr. & Mrs Paul Schmidtke

The chance may come early in the morning or maybe when the kids are napping. Perhaps, you find yourself alone after everyone else has gone to bed?   You seize the opportunity for a few moments of quiet time with God… and you pray. 

What is on the top of your prayer list? Do you pray most for a job promotion, a new car, the salvation of a friend or family member? Maybe you pray for your children to find a great Christian spouse? Or are your requests simpler? Perhaps you request safe traveling, a nice green lawn or a little “time-out” for your favorite leisure activity?

These are all legitimate prayer requests, as God wants us to speak to him about all of our concerns.  God wants to hear about the large and the trivial. Yet, which prayer will be most beneficial to your life? The most rewarding prayer is not listed above!

PRAY FOR YOUR HUSBAND! (even if you do not yet have one). Aside from accepting Christ as the ultimate Leader of your life, the man who is your husband (or someday will be) will have the LARGEST and most PROFOUND effect upon your life.

This being a fact, why do we not pray for our husbands more often and with more conviction? After all, we know they need our help! ( Genesis 2:18And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him).

While doing your best to fulfill your role as a helpmeet, however, be careful that you do not fall into the trap of praying for your husband to do YOUR will.  YOUR will may make you temporarily happy, but God’s will supplies your life with true joy and peace. Your husband needs prayer for wisdom and endurance to recognize and execute God’s will in your lives.

As the God-placed head of our homes and relationships, our husbands have an effect on our lives second only to God Himself. So, let us pray first and most frequently for our husbands. Chiefly through our husbands, we receive God’s promised provisions of food, clothing, shelter, spiritual guidance, protection, love and much more. Even for a woman who works outside the home, the home she lives in would be considerably less safe, smaller, food quantities and qualities lower, and clothing less abundant if her husband was not providing as well.

OUR HUSBANDS are the primary instrument God has given to provide His promises to us.  When they are bogged down with work, overwhelmed with family issues, or frustrated with circumstances beyond their control, let’s remember to “Pray without ceasing” for our husbands! (1 Thessalonians 5:17)  For that matter, let’s remember to pray constantly for them when times are great!

PRAY for your husband, that God’s provisions will flow through him, unhampered by his natural human tendencies. Pray for his work to be fruitful in spite of the FACT that he will all ways have to work against the laws of nature to provide.

TRUST that by prioritizing praying for your husband, you are using your prayer time most effectively. God’s plan really is the GREATEST!

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