Hello.  My name is Mrs. Lori Schmidtke.  Thank you for visiting my website!

I dedicate this site to my husband, Paul Schmidtke, whom has greatly encouraged me through our 15+ years of married life together.  It is his insistence and support that first caused me to blog and has now enabled my transition to this personal website.

I would also like to thank the many friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers whom have been bold enough to comment on their admiration for our marriage.  Your comments, small and large, have reinforced my desire to share how we make our marriage work in a manner that you can access within your own time schedule. You may also seek information according to the topic that best relates to your own personal present need.

I hope I will get the chance to know you, if I do not already.  Here is a little to help you get to know me:

I am the youngest of four siblings raised outdoors together in the Sierra Nevada Mountains by a couple whom met at an archery match in the late ’60’s. We grew up working.  We raised a large garden each year, canned food every Fall, cut firewood every Spring, cared for numerous pets and livestock, practiced archery, shot guns, fished, hiked, and persevered in school.  Through all this, my parents did not always have a perfect marriage, but they remained committed and, ultimately, made it work.

My Father was a wonderful and gifted man in many ways.  He was a pilot, lawyer, ultimate outdoorsman, professional drummer (he was the drummer performing during the recording day when The Marketts finalized the song,  “Outer Limits”/ “Out of Limits” , since the usual drummer was sick that day), automotive genius, gifted softball pitcher and coach, plumber, welder, builder and more! However, I give my Mother (a brilliant 1960’s pioneering computer programmer) the greater amount of credit for making their marriage work until God allowed their marriage to end.  Through many ups and downs, my Mother continually led us to God’s Word and exhibited forgiveness to all until we lost my Father in a tragic hunting accident on the day of their 27th wedding anniversary.

Just over seven years later, my mother met and then married my first step-father.  A diagnosis arrived unexpectedly just four months after their marriage.  Sadly, she was only to be wed a short 16 months due to his losing a battle with brain cancer.  Amazingly, being widowed twice, my Mother did not become bitter and resentful.  She remained open to God’s plan for her life and several years later married my current devoted and Christian step-father, four years ago.

Aside from Christ, my Mother is my ultimate inspiration and example of how to be a Godly Christian wife.  So, you may hear about her in my devotions.  Though, I also give significant credit to Mrs. Norman Vincent Peale, who reached me and mentored me, after her years on Earth were completed, through her book, “The Adventure of Being a Wife”.

I currently reside in Texas and have enjoyed my new home state for 18 years.  Here in Texas I met and married my husband, grew my family, attained my Personal Trainer Certification, completed my Associate of the Arts Degree, and am currently a college Senior pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree with a major in Sociology and minor in Communication.

I am a Christian wife and mother of 6 children (5 at home), ages 4-22 (I was blessed with a step-son when I was married).  God has granted me the gift of living a marvelous Christian marriage and I deeply desire for all wives to live within the same.  Through this website I share some of the methods, practices, tips, and procedures I use to ensure my marriage is extremely healthy and happy.

I am also excited to announce that I am now a professional printed author:

The first published work from my adult life was released Sept. 15, 2014.  Two of my devotions (not included on this website) were chosen by Group Publishing for the book, “It’s A Good Thing Children Are a Treasure… They’ve Broken All My Other Ones”.  My two devotions are titled, “Fire Alarm!” and “Tasty Kitty Treats”, but you will have to buy the book to read them!

Please email me at: LoriSchmidtke@TheMarvelous Christian Marriage.com if you would like to order an autographed copy for yourself or a loved one.  Each copy costs $10.49 ($7.99 retail price plus $2.50 shipping).  I will gladly combine shipping for multiple item orders.

Now available for order at http://www.christianbook.com