Date Night Ideas

Date night is an indispensable asset in Marvelous Christian Marriages.  Whether you are newly-weds, have been married for 10 years, or are celebrating your 50th anniversary, it is always important to prioritize high-quality time alone with your spouse.

High-quality time does not necessarily mean high-cost time, though.  This page is dedicated to sharing creative ideas for your next date-night out with your spouse.  To enable others to find an idea within the budget they have for their night out, please use this scale and rate your idea accordingly (this scale references the total expenses of the date for both people combined. Be sure to include a 15% tip for the waitress and tax when calculating the total expense of a meal out):

  • $ – Zero/No cost – $10.00
  • $$ – $10.00-$25.00
  • $$$ – $25.01 – $50.00
  • $$$$ – $50.01 – $80.00
  • $$$$$ – $80.01 and up

Please remember, every idea is a good idea, when it comes to sharing because happily married couples are diverse in their preferences as to what constitutes a fun night out.  I’ll get our page going with a few of our favorite date-night events:

$ – Zero/No cost – $10.00

  • $     Coffee and Books  One of our most common and enjoyable nights out is picking up a coffee/tea from a local coffee shop and heading to a large bookstore.  We are able to each relax with a favorite drink and browse the clearance section of a local bookstore while visiting about whatever topic comes up.
  • $     Coffee and Books, Plus!  A longer-lasting variation of going to a coffee shop is to go to a grocery store that sells specialty coffee beans.  Usually you can buy an entire pound (or two half-pounds if you like different flavors) of specialty coffee beans for the same price as a couple fancy drinks at a coffee-shop (and you can grind them in the store if you don’t have a bean grinder at home).  Just swing by your own house to brew a pot and pour cups before heading to the bookstore. You will have enough coffee left to make several more pots that week.  Now, those special feelings (and flavors) last for days instead of just an evening.
  • $    Dinner and a Movie   Visit your local library for a free movie rental and cook at home tonight!  Most libraries even allow you to request a movie that is currently borrowed.  They will hold it for you when it comes back in and notify you when it is available.  So, enjoy the latest without the outgoing of cash!

$$ – $10.00-$25.00

  • $$     Obscure Dining  When you need to get out of the house together and not worry about dishes to clean before bed, head out to a little “hole-in-the-wall” restaurant.  Oftentimes you will find delicious home-cooked cultural foods for $6.00-$10.00 per person.  Drink water instead of a $2.00-$5.00 drink, and you can easily leave the restaurant for under $25.00 (including a reasonable 15% tip).  We have discovered some great restaurants by trying some of these little under-rated places.
  • $$     Pizza and a Movie  Enjoy all the benefits of a watching a new movie and someone else’ cooking for a bargain.  Simply go to a local Movie Trading Company, Target, or other retailer of movies.  Purchase a movie (or two) of your choice and swing by a pizza place for a ready-to-eat or take’n’bake pizza on your way home.

$$$ – $25.01 – $50.00